Jarvis Group

Jarvis is a place where we are learning every day and building our careers

We focus on retaining employees through regular development and recognition.  We want everyone at Jarvis to reach their potential, further their careers and make their mark. Lifelong learning and development opportunities are part of our strategy and are an integral part of being an employer of choice.We believe that career opportunities include a wide-range of activities, experiences and roles that promote meaningful learning and growth. As a company, we post all vacancies (except for senior roles where a succession plan exists) and post these to all employees as well as on our website.

Learning and development

At Jarvis, we aim to provide a work environment where our employees are encouraged to build their careers.  By providing everyone with the opportunity for career development, we ensure the growth and sustainability of our single largest investment – our employees – and, in turn, the success of our company.

We believe career development is a partnership between our employees and their managers, with employees driving their careers.  Employees are encouraged to actively develop their careers and interests by:

• managing their career to pursue personal goals,
• seeking candid feedback on their performance
• creating and implementing individual development plans

Our role as a company is to provide employees with the right resources, including a broad range of activities, experiences and roles that promote learning and growth opportunities.  Jarvis also has learning and development programmes which are geared to local needs and resources.

Work experience

We believe we need to support and encourage the next generation and therefore we are pleased that we can offer work experience and apprenticeships to young people who want to learn a trade.  We also offer a graduate training programme.

Construction Training (B&H) Ltd

As a founder member of Construction Training (B&H) Ltd, Jarvis has access to high quality, specialist training for its people in issues such health and safety, asbestos training, fire safety and risk assessment